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Chemical Dosing

The quality of the water from a health, aesthetic, and safety point of view is the main characteristic in dealing with swimming pools.  Automatic chemical dosing systems make it possible to analyse the water and to suitably pilot dosing systems to maintain optimum water quality.

Whatever your chemistry needs, Bluewater Swimming Pools provides a total solution engineered to give you 100% satisfaction.  Our diverse range of products from some of the leading manufacturers including Siemans, Bayrol, Topline and Eatatron ensure that all our customers can be sure we can provide a wide range of  products service and spares that all our customers can access with exceptional levels of after sales
service. As well as supplying and Installing Chemical dosing systems we are able to service and maintain existing systems for our clients as well as installing individual components such as:

  • LMI, Alldoss, Frundfloss and Eatatron dosing pumps
  • Day and Bund chemical tanks
  • Chemical Injector replacement /Installation
  • Replacement of chemical injection lines
  • Wide range of spares kept in Stock