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Liner Replacements

Domestic Swimming Pool liners are supplied in two main thicknesses.  Traditionally most liners were supplied in 20thou (thousand of an inch), commonly known as 0.5mm liners.  However most of our customers opted for the 30 thou or 0.75mm thick liners for their added durability and lifespan, which typically meant, a well maintained pool could see a 30thou liner offering up to 15 years service.

Nowadays many manufacturers only offer the 30thou liner and now there is the option of the 40thou super liner.  In addition to choosing your thickness of liner there is a huge choice of patterns and combinations to choose from.  Our shop has a large choice of pattern samples which can be viewed and taken away for referencing/ matching.

Fitting a swimming pool liner is not a straight forward job.  Pool liners require very accurate measurements to ensure that they fit correctly without any unsightly creasing.  Consider carefully before measuring and fitting a pool liner yourself.

We use portable holding tanks wherever possible to speed up installation re using your existing pool water if this is clean.  This also helps when customers are on water meters to further costs.

Contact us for further details on our range of fitting services and liner patterns.