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Filter Sand Changes

Cloudy water? Green swimming pool? Poor swimming pool circulation and excessive chemical consumption can all more than likely point to problems with your swimming pool sand filter.

It is recommended that swimming pool sand media is changed every 3/4 years to ensure the best water clarity and efficiency within your swimming pool.  Your swimming pool filter collects all the dirt and bacteria and fine particles that would otherwise accumulate in your swimming pool water turning it cloudy, and a breeding ground for harmful organisms.

Filter media overtime becomes inefficient through contaminents that can no longer be removed through conventional backwashing, changing the media in your pool is guaranteed to improve our swimming pools water quality.  Our filter media service includes the following work;

  • Empty the sand filter of old media
  • Clean out the tank
  • Inspect the lateral underdrain assembl and drain port
  • Inspect the multiport valve and ‘o’ rings
  • Refill the tank with 16/30 filter media or glass media
  • Commission filtration system
  • Dispose of old media

We can undertake media changes on all popular sand filters including; Lacron, Triton, Atika, Tagelus, Astral, Waterco and Hydroswim.  For more information and to book a swimming pool sand media change call us on 01202 480880 or email