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Pool Enclosures

Glazed swimming pool enclosures are no longer the poor mans answer to an indoor swimming pool, they are robust, stylish and functional and can cost from as little as £5000 to... well, the sky is almost literally the limit.

Across the board, the product is evolving and improving year on year with materials like stainless steel, aluminium and polycarbonates providing strong, durable and attractive buildings that can be designed to suit every taste and budget.

Technology is increasingly being utilised to make enclosures flexible enough to respond to the prevailing weather conditions.  At the flick of a switch today’s enclosure can be a defense against wind, rain and snow or an open air, sunny space in which to swim or sunbathe.  Retractable roofs and walls, windows, sliding panels, telescopic and concertina mechanisms are all now available to help make anything possible.