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Panel Pool Construction

Panel Pools are regarded by many as the most significant advance in swimming pool construction using the latest polymer panel technology and PVC liner designs.

Previously priced out by expensive concrete construction methods the arrival of galvanised and fibreglass panels in the seventies, opened up a world of potential for wannabe home pool owners.

Four decades on and the polymer constructed panel pools are again breaking new ground with heat retention properties that easily match and even surpass part L building regulations for residential indoor pools.

They are much quicker to install than conventional blockwork pools and the product is light and easy to handle compared with other traditional products.

Structural foam in simple terms is a very hard, solid core material that has a very high strength to weight ratio, with these advantages in mind combined with the products versatility, it is easy to see why structural foam has replaced base materials in many industries.

Panel pool construction offers potential pool owners the flexibility of incorporating different heights and curves into the pool by using supporting frames and braces along with;

  • Speed of Installation
  • Accuracy of build
  • Normally very little down time due to inclement weather
  • Defined costs of the pool structure
  • Virtually unlimited design features
  • PVC liners are virtually maintenance free

Contact Bluewater Swimming Pools to see for yourself the high standard of construction and finish available with this cost effective pool construction method.