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Liner Pool Construction

Unlike concrete pools, advances in plastics technology has resulted in highly efficient and economical pools constructed on the liner principle, which not only rival their concrete peers in terms of appearance but can offer large cost savings.

The advent of the liner pool has allowed the possibility of pool ownership to a far greater section of the leisure seeking market, due to its versatility and construction costs.  Structurally there are two types of liner pool; the first being built using conventional concrete blocks laid flat on their side to form the walls and the second using polymer panel walled systems.

A liner pool on average takes about 4 weeks to construct and particularly lends itself to the self build approach given the appropriate skills needed.

Once completed a well fitted liner can last for many years.  The pre-tailored ‘bag’ liner now comes in an impressive variety of colours and patterns for those who want to make their own mark.

Virtually maintenance free, generally only requiring a periodic clean at the water line with a proprietary pool cleaner, the average life expectancy of a pool liner is usually 10 – 12 years although this can vary greatly depending on site conditions and use.