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Concrete Pools

It is difficult to think of a more versatile building material than sprayed concrete. Easily transported, economic, speedy and when used with steel reinforcement, it offers endless shape and designs options.

Concrete Pool construction is still the choice of the discerning client who wants a permanent structure constructed with materials which give a quality product which is stylish and graceful.  Only concrete can offer this flexibility and is limited only by someone’s imagination!

Concrete Pools fall under two main categories of construction: Shotcrete or Gunite which uses pneumatically applied concrete and concrete blockwork which uses conventional hollow blocks to form a solid wall.

Shotcrete / Gunite Construction

Shotcrete or Gunite pools are constructed using pneumatically applied concrete which is thoroughly mixed dry, passed through a machine and conveyed by air through a rubber hose and deposited by air pressure. The method involves shooting concrete into place at high velocity onto a continuous reinforced steel frame work cage producing a monolithic concrete structure.

Once cured the internal surfaces of the pool will then be finished with a waterproof render and the clients desired finish.

Concrete Blockwork Construction

Concrete blockwork construction can also be undertaken using the hollow or solid dense concrete method to form the walls. Using the ‘hollow’ concrete block method they are filled with concrete and steel reinforcing bars that are inserted both laterally and horizontally within the blockwork walling creating excessive strength both compressively and laterally.

Some pools require the structure to be built using two skins of conventional dense concrete block to form a cavity that is then filled with reinforcing steel mesh and concrete. In both cases the internal walls and floor of the pool will then be finished with a waterproof render and mosaic tiling.